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The Dangers and Complications of Infections

Learn about the different signs, symptoms & transmissions of these infections and available treatments if exposed, plus how to avoid them if possible. Below are articles connected to the 4 major types of infections & STD education.

Bacterial Infections 

Bladder - How to Prevent Bladder Infections

Chlamydia - Symptoms, Testing & Treatment for Chlamydia

Food Borne Bacteria - Ways to Prevent Dangerous Food Borne Bacteria in Your Kitchen

Food Poisoning - Causes and Symptoms of Food Poisoning

Gonorrhea - Symptoms, Testing & Treatment for Gonorrhea

Impetigo - Description and Symptoms of Impetigo

Lyme Disease - Symptoms and Treatment

Pink Eye - How to Prevent Pink Eye

Strep Throat - When Does a Sore Throat Need Medical Attention?

Syphilis - Symptoms, Testing & Treatment for Syphilis



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Disclaimer: Articles not intended to Diagnose, Treat, Cure or Prevent Diseases.

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