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Top Ten Reasons to get STD Testing

By STD Concern

There are many reasons why you should be tested if you think you have contacted a Sexually Transmitted Disease like avoiding future complications. This post will deal with the short and long term problems associated with untreated STI (Sexually Transmitted Infections).


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Am I at Risk of an STI?

Doctors and Nurses in Hospital

By Healthwriter

Estimates suggest that over half the population will contract a sexually transmitted infection during their lifetime, but how do you avoid becoming another statistic? Anyone who is sexually active can contract an STI, but some factors place you at higher risk. By understanding…

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Five Complications of Untreated STI's

Sad Woman with hands on Face

By Healthwriter

Although no one ever expects that they will acquire a sexually transmitted infection, STIs are common, with an estimated 20 million STIs contracted each year in the United States. These infections are most prevalent among the under 25s, but anyone can develop an STI if they d…

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8 Sexually Transmitted Diseases You Need to Know About

Young people on Beach Laughing

By Dr. Kristie

If you’re sexually active, it pays to be well informed regarding sexually transmitted diseases and how they’re transmitted. Have you contemplated all the options when it comes to contracting sexually transmitted diseases? There are a variety of sexually transmitted diseases you…

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