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According to the CDC (Center for Disease Control) STD infections are at an unprecedented high and 15 to 24 age bracket accounts for half of all new infections. The WHO (World Health Organization) estimates there are one million SDI (Sexually Transmitted Infections) a day worldwide and 357 million infections a year worldwide.


Get the Facts on Chlamydia

A bacterial infection called chlamydia trachomatis and can be treated and cured with antibiotics. It's a very common STI, especially amongst 14-24 year olds. Chlamydia is often symptomless. Spread by vaginal fluids and semen, this infection can affect the genitals, cervix, anus, urethra, throat, and eyes. It is spread through vaginal, oral and anal sex.


Symptoms, Transmission & Treatment


Syphilis is a treatable but highly contagious sexually transmitted disease or STD. The bacteria Treponema pallidum causes this disease, which occurs in several phases. The stages of syphilis include primary, secondary, latent, and tertiary.


What you Need to Know about Gonorrhea


Formally nicknamed "the Clap", gonorrhea is another bacterial infection that's spread through semen and vaginal fluids. It's caused by a bacterium called Neisseria gonorrhoeae. This STI can also be successfully treated with antibiotics.

STD Testing

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You can avoid complications with most STD if your infection has been detected and treatedGet an FDA Approved Test at a Private Clinic Near You. Same Day Testing is available. All tests are Private and Confidential.

Yeast Infections


The B Vitamin that Treats Fungal Infections

By Dr. Kristie

Could a common vitamin found in meats such as chicken, beef, and seafood be used to treat fungal infections? People who suffer from common yeast infections, particularly vaginal yeast infections, are familiar with the fungus Candida albicans

Ahtlete's Foot


Natural Home Remedies for Athlete's Foot

By J. E. Davidson

Athlete’s foot is a fungal infection characterized by itching between the toes. Moist, white lesions may appear and cause a burning sensation. The skin of the feet may begin to crack open and blisters may appear. Damp conditions allow for the growth of fungus...



Five Things you Need to Know about Ringworm

By Robert Rister

Ringworm used to be a children's infection limited to the spring and summer but now now children get it year round. Known in the medical literature as tinea capitis or tinea tonsurans, ringworm attacks the skin around the eyebrows and eyelashes and the skin of the scalp.

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