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Does Health Insurance cover Private STD Testing?

By STD Concern

This website uses 2 main testing services to provide access to STD Testing at-Lab (STD Check) and STD Tests at-Home (My Lab Box). Because they are both "Private Testing Services" and not Public, they do require "Payment for Services."

As of today, both services are "Not Covered by Health Insurance" in order to "Protect your Privacy." When Health Insurance is used to pay for STD Testing your information will be recorded in the MIB (Medical Information Bureau) database and will no longer be Private & Confidential.


  • Your Family Doctor could provide Testing and Treatments for STDs with the use of Private Health Insurance.
  • Public Health Clinic would offer free Testing and Treatments but would require STD Education in a Classroom plus Contacting Past & Present partners if you Test Positive.

As of July 12, 2023



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