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Trojan Lubricated Latex Condoms, Pleasure Pack

Trojan Lubricated Latex Condoms, Pleasure Pack

Our Trojan® Pleasure Pack Features An Assortment Of Our Most Stimulating Condoms To Provide A Sensual Excitement For Both Partners Every Time.

Pleasure Pack Includes:

  • Twisted (12) Designed With Deep Ribs To Help Stimulate Both Partners In Their Most Sensitive Areas.
  • Sensations (12) Ribbed and Contoured For Extra Enjoyment and Stimulation
  • Intense (6) Features Deep Ribs Along The Condom and Ultrasmooth® Premium Lubricant For Comfort and Sensitivity
  • Fire and Ice (6) Dual Action Lubricant With Warming and Tingling Sensations For Both Partners

Trojan Triple Tested Quality

  • America's #1 Condom Trusted For Over 90 Years
  • Made From Premium Quality Latex - To Help Reduce The Risk
  • Lubricated - For Comfort and Sensitivity
  • Each Condom Is Electronically Tested - To Help Ensure Reliability

For Contraception Plus STI Protection. Made In USA

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