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3 Testing Options for Sexually Transmitted Diseases


Unfortunately, if you are showing signs of a STD infection, the only way to get proper treatment is to get tested. The treatment you need you can’t buy over the counter (OTC). Most of these STD's will not go away by themselves & will cause damage to your body. Below are three methods for testing that will get you the treatments you need if you have an infection.

Option A - Family Doctor

Going to your family Doctor for STD Testing might be a good decision because this person would know your medical history and administering treatments could be easier. The testing would take place in their lab and would either be blood, urine, or saliva.

But if your uncomfortable talking about your symptoms to your Doctor and their Nurse in person and on the phone then going to your doctor might be an issue. Does private health insurance cover STD testing? (Read your Plan).

Benefits of a Family Doctor are:

  • Getting tested (Pay)
  • Treatments if needed (Pay)
  • Fast process (Usually)
  • Knows your medical history.

Option AA - Public Testing

Going to a Public Clinic for a STD Test & Treatment will cost you nothing (hopefully) but expect some sort of STD education by public health experts in a classroom and a possible lecture if you test positive. Because it is a public clinic your test results might also be public.

These clinics are usually run by public health departments and owned & operated by state or local governments. They basically do a good job. It will usually require you to go to their Test Center to take a blood, urine or saliva test than wait a few days for the results.

These public health clinics might have At-Home Testing Kits available.

Benefits of Public Testing are:

  • Getting tested (Free)
  • Treatments if needed (Free)
  • Peace of mind.

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Option AAA - Private Testing

If you go to a Private Clinic or Testing Service, you will have to pay for the Test and Treatment. Health Insurance might not cover this kind of testing. Private testing is thorough but can be expensive, it all depends on where you go. 

This usually requires you to go to a Private Lab for a blood and urine test and then wait a few days for results. If you test positive you will be able to talk to their doctors if you want about treatments and have them sent to your local pharmacy (if possible).

Private testing could also mean buying a Home STD Test Kit and having it sent to your home. You will then provide a urine, saliva, or a blood sample by pricking your finger. Then you send it back to them and wait so many days. They also provide access to a doctor if tested positive and the ability to write prescriptions (own discretion) and have them sent to your local Pharmacy.

Benefits of Private Testing are:

  • Getting Tested (Pay)
  • Treatments if needed (Pay)
  • Home Testing
  • Fast Process (Usually)
  • Confidentiality
  • Discreet
  • No education
  • No Lecture if tested positive
  • Test results are Private
  • Peace of mind.
  • No Lab Visit (Home Testing)


All three options will work, so choose the one your most comfortable with and can afford. Some private testing services to protect your privacy do not except insurance plans but have payment options that will make covering the cost a lot easier. If you want to bypass proper testing and treatments, it's up to you, but you do so at your own risk.



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