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New Post: May 5, 2018


Can Vitamin D help Chronic Hepatitis C Infection

By Dr. Kristie

Is there any end to the wonder of vitamin D – the sunshine vitamin? Aptly named because the best source of it is the sun, this vitamin that also has hormone-like properties is showing some pretty impressive health benefits. Preliminary studies show it may reduce the risk of chr…

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Hepatitis A and its Complications

Hepatitis A Test

By STD Concern

Hepatitis A is a type of virus that causes liver disease. It is transmitted through food and water in most cases and can lead to mild or severe illness. Most people who get hepatitis A recover fully and develop lifelong immunity because of the infection. For some people, howeve…

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Hepatitis B and its Long Term Problems

Chronic Hepatitis B

By STD Concern

Hepatitis B is a kind of viral infection that attacks the liver and can lead to life-long disability, cancer, or even death. It is transmitted through contact with blood or other body fluids that contain the virus. A vaccine against Hepatitis B has been available since 1982 and…

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